The NanoGraphicMo starts November the 1st and ends at 12 am November the 30th.

The goal: to finish a black and white, 48 page graphic novel with cover in just under a month.

*The idea for NanoGraphicMo is modeled on the NaNoWriMo. We are not affiliated. Just loosely related to the same intent, namely to have fun and create!
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Is there a prize for completing the Nanographicmo challenge?

Ofcourse; the warm fuzzy feeling you get from accomplishing the task and the actual product of your hard labour; the 48 page original graphic novel with cover. 

Will nanographicmo help me find an artist and/or a writer?

We’ll be making a separate page to post ‘artist/writer wanted’ requests. Don’t wait on us though, post your request on twitter and artist/writer fora. :)

We can’t guarantee a timely response and a fruitful partnership.

Some considerations on partnering:

Of course any and all partnering up should be done at your own discretion.

First off; It’s the internet after all, and there are as many friendly as there are slightly seedy people out there.

In case of doubt, don’t partner up for this challenge, or write up a friendly agreement and have it signed by all partners. So there’ll be no miss-attribution later. 

Second; When more people work on a project the chances you’ll make it on the 30th of November or miss that deadline increase with the same multiplier.

More chains in the creation process also mean more possible kinks or problems.

Why not 22 pages?

It is the regular monthly comic page rate and can be done during 24hrcomicday.