The NanoGraphicMo starts November the 1st and ends at 12 am November the 30th.

The goal: to finish a black and white, 48 page graphic novel with cover in just under a month.

*The idea for NanoGraphicMo is modeled on the NaNoWriMo. We are not affiliated. Just loosely related to the same intent, namely to have fun and create!
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It’s past twelve already in the Netherlands, thank you all for participating in nanographicmo!
For those of you who still have a little bit of time left: goodspeed and see you on the flip side :)

To not let this blog go quiet again until november 2014 I will post tutorials and helpful links in the coming months. Frequency: about 3/4 per week.

Of course if you’d like to submit your nanographicmo or a tutorial you are welcome to send it in and I’ll post it.


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I’m way behind on this project, but here’s my first page.  I’ve got about a dozen more pages pretty close to done, which puts me about a quarter of the way through.  But each day of work goes faster than the last, and that’s encouraging.

PS.  If you didn’t figure it out, I’m not an artist, and I’m learning everything from drawing to photoshop as I go.

I’m posting my nanographicmo here:

I try to scan a page a day but my scanner is very slow!


Next couple of posts will be from 2012/11 they didn’t show up in the tumblr ask/submissions box then, but are of course still worth visiting. :)





Good words to live by. XD 

At it again! RUuuaaarghh!!!! Props to everybody who’s on the same boat! DO iiiiiitt!!!!

Hear hear!

Felipe’s so great. ^_^